Safe Cover

Safe Cover





We choose the fabric that is made from 100%Uhmwpe thread, which is currently the best in the market. It is 2 times more durable than the regular one.

Portable with only 460g of weight


Waterproof throughout the lifespan.Other materials coated with the waterproof chemical will
gradually deteriorate over time and It may require to coat again after years of usage.

Adhesive coating


Bag capacity 25 L
Recommended backpack size (not over than)
40cm Wide 
50cm Long
20cm Depth

extra room (outside the backpack) 10-20 L

Additional space 10-20L


-We don't provide a lock, recommend to buy the best one for your safety.

-The outer waterproof fabric is not cut-resistant. If you got cut or scatch on it, it will not torn because
it is adjacent to a cut-resistant fabric by special methods. You can easily repair the cut by apply the black pen marker on it.



26 January 2018

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